Les Boise
Night of the Living Spud. Boise.
Air BnBoise
Prit' near Spring.
Waning moon exit ramp.
Home. Alone.
Canadian frequent fliers in the park.
Off to a Snow Start.
San Diego Border Security 2018
Ice cold church.
Any park in a storm.
In like a lion.
Phoenix Hummingbird Christmas
Channeling the Thousand Islands
Back in the Red.
Friday Night Street Light
Sun Day in the Park
Colonel Mustard, in the orange barn, with a pumpkin carving tool.
Drop Leaf Timetable.
Blue Pumpkin
The Porch of July
Winer Dragging its Muddy Feet Down Monterey Street
The Calm After the Storm
Afternoon of the Wolf Moon
Another Island. Among 1000's.
Long Pond. Yarmouth.
Steaming toward Dusk.
Morning Noir in the Park
Lightning Smites A Locust
End of the Row, House. East Allegheny
Midnight At The Flashlight
Dead of Winter and Spring. Mechanic's Retreat Park
Into The Urban Woods
Park Blue18.jpg
A Railroad Runs Through It
Underside of the Tracks
Spring, Late Beyond Reason, Tries to Sneak in Through the Back Alley
Antique Store Number 5
Good Morning, Mr. Bubash
Sunrise Sneaks Like a Thief onto Filson Street
Saving Daylight on North Avenue
Shameless Morning Sun Streaking Across Monterey Street
Sun and Light in Allegheny West
Mirror, Mirror on the Town
Pulling the Wool Over Your Skies
Studs and Stairways
Sampsonia Way
Sun of a Lincoln Beach. Oregon
Still. Life
Allegheny Center Red Cube
Snow Magnolias
Backside Southside
Visions of Parking spaces Danced in Their Heads
Other side of the tracks18.jpg
Wired Up on Filson street
Fall Before the Fall
Getting twisted in Beaufort
Crossing Muddy Susquehanna by Train
G. O'Keefe in the Rustbelt.jpg
You take the high road, I’ll take the low...
Awakened by the moon.
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